Jamie Chan’s New Site: Top5Vacuums

top5imageIf you’re even vaguely familiar with the product review space — CNet, The Verge, Gizmodo, etc. — then chances are, you’ve heard of Jamie Chan before. Jamie has written for several top-notch publications, reviewing everything from microwaves to kitchen knives to toaster ovens, and in between.

Last month, Jamie launched her own site — Top5Vacuums.com. Jamie is doing a bit of a reach out campaign to get the word spread, and we were happy to oblige to do our part — Jamie is a good friend of ours, after all.  We sat down with Jamie for a quick Q&A for her new site.

Q: Tell us the idea behind the new site, and why you decided on vacuums?

A: Yea, so it’s funny. Pretty much EVERY person who lives in a house or apartment needs/owns a vacuum cleaner. Yet if you were to Google which were the best models for the best types of jobs, you’d pretty much come up empty. So I felt there was a gap in the market.

Q: Interesting. Tell us a little bit about your process, of how you find your products, how you test, and how you review them.

A: Sure. So there are dozens and dozens of different vacuums out there today. We have a screening process where we whittle it down to the best 10-12 or so. Then we reach out to the manufacturers and let them know we’ll be reviewing their product; would they be kind enough to send us a sample? And most do. Then we use the product for several days, in different situations. We keep notes as we test. And then we get down to writing.

It really is a terrific site, and a much needed one in this niche. Congrats to Jamie and best of luck to her.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Review

A tight, compact pet hair sucking machine. Having so many dogs, this is a life saver! Bissell Pet Hair Eraser does exactly what it states, it erases pet hair and it does it in style. Don’t underestimate the size, it holds a big kick. If you’ve ever seen those spy movies where a lady has a small gun attached to their uncle – this is the small gun of vacuums!


The size and weight is fantastic! No effort at all required to hold and vacuum. Vacuuming is completely effortless and you’d probably require more strength to separate the vacuum from whatever it was you were vacuuming. The suction is definitely a pro. I can honestly say, I’ve never had a handheld vacuum this powerful (although all my previous handhelds were cordless). Also, it weighs only 1 pound! Requires little to no effort to pick it up and at 10 x 5 x 8 inches; it’s very compact.


The cord! This is such a brilliant vacuum and although the cord doesn’t ruin it; it’d make vacuuming so much easier if it was cordless. With that said, I don’t know whether it’d have the same suction without the energy source. It’s a tricky one, but if it could be as powerful cordless, then it’s definitely a con, but if not – then ignore this.


Overall for just $24.49, this vacuum is lightweight, durable and powerful! Though the cord can cause inconveniences time to time, the powerful suction really makes up for lack of mobility. If you have plenty of pets, or just that one who sheds hair like there’s no tomorrow – this is definitely something for you!

Source: CNet.com

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